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Rebecca VanGelderen IBCLC, RN

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
Registered Nurse (RN).

My goal as your Lactation Consultant is to solve your lactation concerns so you can enjoy your journey. 


I have been helping families with lactation since 2015 and serving the families of southern Kentucky since 2019.




What Clients Are Saying

"I owe my successful year of breastfeeding to Rebecca. Her kindness, nonjudgmental support, and passion for her job shin through each appointment. I left our sessions not only better educated and prepared to overcome nursing huddles but also felt cared for which gave me the confidence to continue on. Her encouragement and follow ups made me feel supported even after the session ended. She made all the difference navigating nursing and motherhood during a pandemic and that I'm forever indebted to her."



Insurance Covered Lactation Care

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant I am able to provide insurance covered consultations.

Follow the link below to see if your plan is covered.

"I've used other lactation consultants before but Rebecca seemed to know more and have a better understanding of my issues. She definitely cared more than other people I have tried and worked with me until we had a solution. I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding or pumping."



Areas of Expertise

 Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Painful Latch, Damaged Tissues

Low Milk Supply

Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, Engorgement

Breast Refusal

Bottle Feeding/Bottle Refusal

Tongue, Lip, and Cheek Ties (TOTS)

Functional Oral Assessments

Pre/Post Frenectomy Preparation

Oral Habilitation

Whole Body Rhythmic Movements

 Contact Me Here To Book Your Consultation 

"Having Rebecca as our IBCLC was truly such a great experience. She was really informative, professional and caring. Her kind demeanor and expertise in lactation working with my premature twins really made all the difference for me! We had latching issues and to be honest, it wasn’t until I got a good nursing session with my twin A, that I got to bond with her for the first time! (That oxytocin, am I right!?) I’m so thankful for all the help and support that Rebecca was able to provide for us. She truly is the best resource during the first several weeks with your little one! I’m honestly going to miss our lactation sessions!"


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