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When to see a Lactation Consultant

Pain, Damage, Worried about supply, Infant wont latch, Pumping/bottle feeding questions

It's hard to know if and when you need to reach out for help. If you're experiencing any of the following please reach out to a Lactation Consultant.

  • Painful latch

  • Soreness that gets worse after day three, and or cracking, /bleeding nipples

  • Pain and soreness when pumping

  • Using a nipple shield

  • Exclusively pumping, but wanting to feed at breast

  • Hard lumps, and redness to breast 

  • Infant not having enough pee and poop diapers (contact Pediatrician also)

By day 4, most breastfed babies make 3 or 4 poopy diapers in 24hrs. By day 3 or 4 breastfed babies should make 3 or 4 pee diapers in 24 hours. Pee should be clear in color and as heavy as 3 tbl of water. By day five infant should have 6 wet diapers in 24 hours.

This list is not all inclusive, if you feel something is off, reach out.

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